Amaury Bouchard
11 years experience in project management and team building,
including 6 years in entrepreneurship and technical direction.
37 years old
French and Canadian nationalities
Married, 1 child
  1998-2001          Engineer studies in computer science at Epita, in the System and Network specialisation (equivalent to a Master of Science).
1997-1998 Second year of "prépa" in Epita.
1994-1997 Biology courses in Paris XIII University.
1994 Scientific Baccalauréat (equivalent to High School Diploma).
Languages : C, C++, PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, SQL, LaTeX, HTML/xHTML, XML, XSL, WAP/WML, JSON
Administration :          Unix/Linux, Apache, Postfix/Exim, PHP, MySQL, INN, OpenSSH
Methods : UML, SADT, MCD/MPD
Network programming, system development on Linux and BSD kernels.
Since sept 2007 CTO of Fine Media, editor of ComprendreChoisir websites.
  • Servers installation and system administration.
  • Development team management.
  • Application design, development of a framework, a publication tool, and a statistics plateform.
Oct 2006-sept 2007 Senior project manager at Digiplug, music contents provider.
  • Development of new functionalities on the content delivery platform.
  • Maintenance and extension of the SMS gateway.
  • Study and design of DRM solution implementation.
Aug 2002-sept 2006 Project manager at Qualimucho Media, mobile phone services editor.
  • Development and setup of SMS, MMS and Push-WAP gateway.
  • Responsible of the technical substructure for multimedia mobile content management (wallpapers, ringtones, videos, games).
  • Drafting, development and maintenance of the whole WAP sites management and generation platform.
Creation of mobile phone services:
  • Postcard: SFR and LG
  • Photo albums: SFR, Sagem and Phox
  • Merchant WAP sites: Nokia, Sagem, Moustik, Gameplug, ...
Projects management from preliminary studies to client companies' support. Training and supervision of engineer student trainees.
Jan 2001-jul 2002 In charge of the Crash Recovery project at Knox Software, editor of network backup solutions.
  • Development of a partition and file systems management tool.
  • Project management from the specifications to the test process, for the Linux version.
  • Creation of a Linux distribution on CD-ROM.
  • Support of journaled filesystems and RAID disks.
  • Windows port.
Jan-dec 2000 Teacher of C/Unix for first year students at Epita.
Sept-dec 1999 Three month internship at Full Resource Associates:
  • Development of a merchant web site.
  • Programming of ActiveX components in Delphi, accessing to a SQL7 database.
  • Processing of XML streams by XSL stylesheets, controled using ASP pages.
Since april 2001 Administration of a Linux server (Debian and Ubuntu Server systems), hosting multiple domains. Mail, Web, SSH and MySQL services.
Since oct. 2004 Development of Pandocréon Cromlech, a Web and WAP game, using PHP/MySQL.
Since august 2003 Creation of Carta-Genius, a PDF creation software for professional printers. Written in C, it uses PDFLib and XML files.
Since june 2002 Development of Skriv, a Web program for personal information management (webmail, address book, RSS streams, bookmarks, calendar, notebook, finance management) based on PHP, MySQL, Ajax and JSON.
Since april 2001 Development of Ylib, a general C functions library, which includes buffered character strings, TCP server, SAX and DOM XML parsers, errors and lock files handling.
Since dec. 2000 Development of HeaderBrowser, a tool for documentation creation from source code. Coded in C++, this program get an article in the n° 28 issue of Linux Magazine France.
Please, contact me to get the full version of my C.V., including the names, roles and email address of the people I cite as references.